Using Voicified Keywords

Simplicity is key when optimizing your content for voice search SEO. Keep in mind that theaverage Google voice search result is written in 9th-grade level English​. With this in mind, don’t overcomplicate things.

Simple-to-read content is ideal for voice search, but it’s not enough. To ensure that you position your pages to be featured inside the answer box, you need to use voicified keywords​– keywords that resemble how humans actually converse.

As a rule of thumb, a good voicified keyword is a longtail keyword of 5 to 10 words that specifically targets a user problem or keyword.

For example, instead of using the keyword ​“best restaurant in Louisville”​, voicify the keyword by optimizing for a phrase like ​“Which restaurant serves dinner in Louisville now?”

To get a feel for how to voicify your keywords in relation to the niche you’re targeting, you can use a tool like ​Answer the Public​. Simply type in the plain keyword and you’ll be given suggestions on what people are searching for.