Optimizing the Site’s Loading Speed

Page speed​ is an important ranking factor for mobile searches. As you might think, this also applies to voice ranking. Google considers a page loading speed to be optimal (for mobile) when it loads above-the-fold content in one second or less.

You might know that Google released the​Speed Update ​in July 2018. This update established page loading speed as a full-fledged ranking factor for mobile search results. As you can imagine, the faster the better.

The thing is, you don’t have to be a scientist to figure out if page speed is really important to voice ranking. Feel free to do a voice search and take a look at the answer box. We’re willing to bet that it comes from a fast-loading website.

And it’s not just Google that cares about the site loading speed. Mobile users are getting tired of slow-loading websites – 40%of mobile users are reported to leave a page if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds​. But enough small talk, let’s get to the actual optimizing. There are a lot of verified techniques that will shave off your page loading times. But before we get to them, start by testing your page speed by using Google’s PageSpeed Insights​.

google page speed

This tool will provide you with a rough estimation of your page speed optimization. As a rule of thumb, if your ​Page Speed​is under ​Average​ and the Optimizationscore is under ​70​, you got some work to do.